Cancer immunology

Cancer heterogeneity

It enables clonal survival and treatment resistance, is shaped by active immune responses. Antigen-specific T cells can control cancer, as revealed clinically by immunotherapeutics such as adoptive T–cell transfer and checkpoint blockade.

Positive test for antibodies to covid-19 virus.

Host immune system

IT is thus a powerful tool that if better harnessed could significantly enhance the efficacy of chemotherapeutics and improve outcomes for cancer sufferers. To realize this vision, however, a number of research frontiers must be tackled. These include developing strategies for neutralizing tumor-promoting inflammation, broadening T cell repertoires (via vaccination), and elucidating the mechanisms by which immune cells organize tumor microenvironments to regulate T cell activity.

Such efforts will pave the way for identifying new targets for combination therapies that overcome resistance to current treatments and promote long-term cancer control.

Cancer cell Culture flask

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