The Indian Immunology Society was established in 1972 with the aim of developing and expanding the subject of immunology through training and research. The purpose is to use immunology to fight the major health challenges in India.

The IIS Membership has been growing steadily with about 1250+ members. IIS elections are held every 3rd year. The board of executives is from different states of India.

Annual conference of The Indian Immunology Society is organized every year in various part s of the country as IMMUNOCON.

The conference is organized with an intention to provide a platform to researchers in the field of immunology to deliberate and exchange the scientific ideas, and develop in-depth understanding on the issues related to innate and adaptive immunity, drug development and vaccination. This conference is an exciting opportunity for delegates to network and share knowledge in their research domains. The program will include plenary sessions, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations, and socializations. The meeting will bring the eminent Immunologists and enthusiastic researchers on the same page to discuss and explore immune regulation of various diseases to develop a new strategy for treatment.

Every year IMMUNOCON is attended by more than 400 scientists across the India and world. This year 46th Annual conference of The Indian Immunology Society “IMMUNOCON 2019” is being jointly organized by Dr Savita Kulkarni, Radiation Medicine Centre,BARC along with Dr Taruna Madan, ICMR-NIRRH, from November 14th-16th, 2019, at DAE Convention Centre, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai, India.

Indian Immunology Society Executive Committee